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Adopt and Find Pets in Canada

Are you looking to adopt pets in Canada? Try Marche today – the best online pet store in Canada. The Marche pet adoption database spans hundreds of thousands of adoptable pets from more than 15,000 shelters and rescue groups throughout North America, with over 1000 active independent groups working in Canada. Animal adoption in Canada is made easy with the Marche, with more than 10 million pets getting their forever homes through us.

Online Pet Store Canada

Pet classifieds and listings are updated and maintained daily through our partner shelters and rescue groups. With Marches’ database, you can look for your furry friend based on breeds, size, age, gender, location, and much more – all possible under a single roof. From cats, dogs, birds, fishes, horses, livestock, reptiles, small animals to pet accessories, free pets for adoption, and lost & found pets there are alot of categories to cater what you are looking for. And when you find a pet you like, click away with the easy adoption process directly with the intended pet’s rescue group or shelter. You can also search the database through postal and zip codes near you – the Marche is indeed the best online pet store Canada.

Why should you adopt a pet?

There are tons of benefits of adopting a pet and bringing it home to a lovable environment, and certainly, these benefits apply to you and your adopted pet both.

You are saving two lives – with overwhelming pet traffic in shelter and rescue groups. When you adopt pets in Canada and bring them to your home, you save their lives and give them a perfect thriving environment. Additionally, you are also de-burdening the pet shelter by giving them room to take in another animal due to your adoption.

With the Marche, you know exactly what you are getting – most shelters and rescue groups offer behavior assessments for their adoptable animals and veterinarian checks too. Most pets on our online pet store Canada listings live with foster parents who share hands-on details about the pets’ likes, dislikes, and unique personalities.

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Save Your Perfect Pet

Every year more the 8 million pets enter shelters; you can find nearly 400,000 pets for adoption at Marche at any given time – and 25% of the shelter dogs are purebred. If you are on the lookout for a perfect pet, do not lose hope, animal adoption in Canada has been made incredibly easy with the Marche listings. These listings are updated daily and continuously. So, do check often – your perfect pet could be waiting for you tomorrow.

Save Money

Yes, the small adoption fee can save you a ton of money as most pets listed on Marche are usually covered for initial veterinary costs by shelters; these include:

  • Distemper Vaccine
  • Spray and Neutering
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • Heartworm tests
  • Tick and Flea treatments
  • Microchips

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